Breakthrough: Stress, Anger, Anxiety, Depression

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Power & Confidence

Do you know how to boost the quality of your mood?

The most cutting-edge research has provided substantial evidence that you have full power over your physical, mental, and emotional states, and that everybody may learn how to shift their states from ones of fear, anger, anxiety, or depression into Peak-Energy States of inspiration, confidence, relaxation, love, compassion, growth, and more. This 10-Disc program will provide you with simple and practical strategies that have been used for thousands of years, where modern scientific research is beginning to develop an understanding of the underlying techniques that enable all human beings to learn how to modulate their own physical, emotional, and mental states in order to make a powerful shift within 30-seconds or less.

State mastery is the first fundamental key to moving forward with your life, where this program will provide you with a clear understanding of your physiology and psychological makeup in order for you to apply the very best strategies for shifting from a state of fear into a state of strength, confidence, love, power, and more. Through training in Coherent Breathing and Coherent Focus you will learn how to increase the clarity and coherence of your mind and heart. Yes - The actual physical organ of your heart will be trained to access states of coherence that are optimal for your nervous system and will produce a positive impact on your brain. Through learning how to control your physiology you will learn how to shift your internal states physically, emotionally, and mentally.

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